Tablets have become so popular as they are so versatile, each is already functional as a hand in slate but if you add a keyboard to either an iPad or Windows tablet then the tablet steps up a gear making it a fully functional laptop. But you don’t want to use any add-in keyboard – here at iTablets we have tested plenty of them and so we can point you the best ones. 


Best Tablet Keyboards: iPad


The iPad Pro models are positioned as 2-in-1 laptop/tablets, so naturally Apple offers an Apple Smart Keyboard designed specifically for all of them whether you have the larger 12.9-inch display (£169), or the 10.5-inch (£160) one to the smaller 9.7-inch (£150). No matter the size, this accessory is super slim and lightweight, and uses a connector added to one edge of the Pro series specifically to keyboards. It’s easily removable and can also be configured into a kickstand – with the keyboard hidden awesome! Some people however though don’t like the fabric-covered design.  


Another outstanding option to the Apple brand is the Logitech Slim Combo, which is available for the 12.9-inch (£120) and 10.5-inch (£110) iPad Pro’s. This is more protective than Apple’s offering, its slightly bulkier because it includes an enclosure for the tablet. The keyboard itself can be swiftly removed and communicates with the iPad over the keyboard connector.  


Or there’s the excellent Brydge 12.9, 10.5, 9.7 and even 7.9 for any Apple tablet not just the Pro models. A pair of hinges also serve as clamps to turn the iPad into a clamshell. The Brydge keyboards are heavier than the rival devices, but their all-aluminium casings make these look very professional. They use Bluetooth as many of Apple’s tablets don’t have the keyboard connector. There are of course many other very good Bluetooth keyboard cases designed for the more affordable 9.7-inch Apple iPad. At the top of this list is the Logitech Slim Folio (£79), which functions as both a keyboard and a protective case. As this is a smaller device, there’s no room for a big keyboard. The design isn’t as flexible as it could be, but nevertheless it is till one of the best options out there for this type of Tablet!




Beyond these options, iPads can use pretty much all the items listed in the ‘Multi-Device’ section written below. 


Best Tablet Keyboards: Surface Pro

Many people mistakenly believe Microsoft’s Windows 10 tablets come bundled with a keyboard, but the Surface Pro Type Cover is actually a separate purchase, with the base model starting at (£125). After several erratic versions years ago, the more recent Microsoft Type Cover is quite good, with decent key separation. No matter the version, it attaches directly to the tablet via a magnetic connector designed specifically for keyboards, and depends on the kickstand built into the computer. A trackpad is included naturally.


Of course, shoppers do not have to choose from Microsoft’s offerings. There are a few other options available. The rival Brydge 12.3 uses a quite different design that converts any of the recent Surface Pro models into a traditional clamshell shape, eschewing the kickstand. It uses Bluetooth to communicate with the computer, and includes a useful keyboard and trackpad. Unfortunately, there aren’t many third-party keyboards designed specifically for the Surface Pro. Fortunately, theses tablets can make use of the many options designed to work with a range of mobile computers. 



Best Tablet Keyboards: Multi-Device


Not every tablet gets its own keyboard designed specifically for it. Fortunately, there are quite a few that can be used with any model. Plus, these are well suited for families or other groups who have multiple tablets, as they can be shared much more easily thatn a single-device model. Virtually all these however use Bluetooth.


Among the best tablet keyboards available is the ZAGG Messenger Universal. This is the largest of the multi-device options we’ll discuss, as it was designed to work with full-size tablets. As a bonus, this means it has a big keyboard, and there’s a built-in kickstand awesome when watching movies! There’s no trackpad however, so windows and Android users will probably want to carry a mouse too!


Those with smaller tablets should consider the Logitech Universal Folio (£50.99). Unlike the Messenger Universal, this product also functions as a case that can be configure the devices in the 9-  to 10-inch range. As this is designed for mid-size models, the keyboard is a bit smaller than a typical laptop’s. And again, there is no trackpad on this Bluetooth device.


Those who occasionally want a keyboard for their tablet might be interested in the iClever-IC-BK08 Portable Tri-folding Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad (£49.99). This device is brilliant its very portable, but still manages to cram a trackpad, benefitting both Windows and Android users. There’s no stand to hold up the tablet, however. All the keyboards mentioned so far have been portable but the ZAGG Wired Lightning Keyboard (£45) is for office use. The highlight of this product is use of user: you simply have to plug it into the Lightning port on any iPad or iPhone to start typing. A stand is extra however and iPads just can’t use trackpads!

ZAGG-MessengerZAGG Messgener 


iCleverTriKeyboardiClever-IC-BK08 Portable Tri-folding Bluetooth Keyboard