You may have noticed that newer iPads have picture-in-picture mode that lets you do multiple things at one. That’s what FlyTube does for the YouTube app on Android. Simply put it creates a mini version of a specific YouTube video that you can watch without losing the rest of your devices functionally.

It’s nice and easy to use and there are actually two different ways of using it. The first is setting Flytube as the default YouTube App which means any YouTube links you click or videos you try and open will open up in FlyTube’s picture-in-picture mode rather than your YouTube App of choice. The other way is to manually share the video to the App which requires you to be in the actual YouTube App.

You can open videos directly from Flytube too which in turn is a third party YouTube App. The issue is however that it can be glitchy so your better of sticking to more stable sources and going from there. So you open a video, share it if need be, and it pops on the screen in a little window. A little window that you can move around your screen, but can’t leave right in the middle as any time you do so causes the windowed video to fly back to the edge of the screen.

Also FlyTube is only good for playing one video at a time so if you have a playlist open for music for example each time a video ends you will have to head back to the YouTube App if you want to play the next one. The overlain video also needs to be closed manually each time you use it.

Another downside is simply the fact that you can't resize the video. You have two choices: miniature, or expanding it to almost full-screen. Plus that expanding does absolutely nothing to the resolution, so if you want to watch a large version of the video you're better off just going back to YouTube.

But! The fact that you can watch videos while doing other things is a great extra feature in itself. Go productivity!