Google Play Books? Well that’s not new! But it does have a brand new feature that might make some of you start using it (provided you don't already). It's called Bubble Zoom, and it makes it easier to read comics using Google's e-reading app.

Debuting at San Diego Comic Con, Google revealed Bubble Zoom as a way of highlighting all the speech bubbles in your comics without having to zoom in and ruin the full-page experience - all using image recognition. Sounds fantastic, right? The downside is that it's not universal just yet. Google says that it's compatible with a few collected Marvel and DC volumes. The idea, however, is that all comics and manga available from Google will feature this new system.

This does mean that you actually have to buy them from Google's e-book store to enjoy this experience. So no converting your comic files into PDFs and uploading them to your Play Books library. A list of collections available can be found here. Some of them have free samples, too, so you can test out Bubble Zoom before you buy. Great Stuff!

Using it is rather easy. When you first open up a compatible comic, Play Books tells you about Bubble Zoom and how you can turn it off. To actually get it to work, you need to flick through to the pages with speech bubbles. Then you can expand the bubbles by tapping the sides of the page. Tap the right side and it'll go through each bubble one by one. Tap the left side and you'll start going backwards. Alternatively you can double tap individual bubbles to pull them up on their own when you want.

It's not perfect, especially when vertical panels of the comic get involved, but it works well enough. It's unfortunate that you can't use it with your own comics, but if you're looking for a new way to read comics - and you're happy ditching your current method of downloading digital comics – this is certainly worth a try. Action Adventure made more fun!