iPads have cameras and though not too friendly for the group selfie there are Apps out there that put them to good use. And Scanbot is just one of these which turns your iPad’s Camera into a scanner, snapping pictures of paper and documents in the real world. If it detects a document it will do it automatically and if not you simply snap and then do everything manually. It’s a pretty handy tool in all since we can’t really carry around an all-purpose scanner with us all the time!


This sixth iteration of the App means its features have been overhauled. Which you can choose from well figuratively as for some of the extra features extra payment is required. But these features do include an option for editing PDF, annotating work, on-demand optical character recognition (OCR), easier printing, a more focused and user-friendly interface, and support for OneDive, OneNote for Business, and Amazon Drive. Which just makes it great and highly useful.


The only downside is that most of these features are locked behind extra payments. The free version only has the scanning feature but this is in high quality, and paying £4.49 will give you access to OCR on demand, search editing features and document signing. Paying £5.99 gets you Scanbot Pro which is virtually everything the App has to offer including scanning QR codes and Bar Codes. And a further jump to £7.99 gets you and extra copy of Scanbot Pro to give to someone else whereby you can then share the price and have both of you using it. Overall it’s a great scanning App and the tests we ran using it with even the free version produced high quality images and when trying out the extra features we found the document detection and OCR integration really working well together. So if you have lots of documents and need a scanner on the go this may be the App for you!