Swift Playgrounds


Apple has a lot of products that run Apps so it’s created its own programming language to help people develop for them! Which in turn means Apple is investing interest in making sure that everyone knows how to code in Swift and that is where this App Swift Playgrounds comes in.


Swift Playgrounds is designed to make coding fun! And in particular coding in Swift fun. It does this by guiding a user through a number of educational lessons that take the form of interactive and adapting puzzles. Once you’ve worked through the puzzles, you can tackle extra challenges that in turn help you learn the more complex aspects of the language. And new challenges are set to be released at regular intervals so you will have plenty to keep you going until you have grasped how Swift works and are then ready to code for real.


The App also has a number of built in features that lets you use what you’ve learnt and put them into practice in the real world. These include things like controlling Bluetooth devices from your iPad, taking control of the inner workings of your iPad and many more.


Verdict: Great learning App especially if you love coding and want to sharpen your skills in your spare time. It makes coding fun and interactive and certainly does keep you busy in the meantime you are picking up key skills. Great for Apple Fans and it also works for newcomers especially for those wanting to learn Swift. On the other side you are tied to this language and the App does not teach you any other giving Apple the edge. The fact is free is great too clearly meaning that Apple wants more people thinking in their language.