Tablet sales are exploding in the business world and for many good reasons. Firstly their low price compared to full laptops is an easily advantage combined with their ease of use and you’re in for a winner. Just look at the figures by the end of this year 30% of all enterprise end-user mobile computing devices will be tablets, and corporate purchases will account for 18% of the global tablet market. And the main reason behind this is because Tablets offer increased productivity to businesses. 


Tablets are giving businesses  a significant productivity boost - and not just because employees who use them feel more valued than those forced to lug around ancient laptops. Like smartphones they're always on and wake instantly from sleep, so there's no waiting for the computer to re-boot. Plus they are portable so they can go where no computer has gone before and be accessible as clipboards, with integrated wireless networking and in some models, high-speed mobile broadband too. Plus they're almost as light as clipboards too.


And they can run a plethora of apps that are specifically designed for Tablets to speed up common tasks such as data entry, note taking and reporting from on-site visits. Making it a particular boon for any business that currently relies on paperwork and form-filling. The added advantage that Microsoft Office is now available across all Tablet operating systems has become a great plus point.  


Field service staff have the next advantage: tablets can carry not only the necessary forms but technical libraries, maps and schematics. Sales staff can access email, calendaring and CRM software, and do so in a way that's acceptable in client meetings where pulling out a laptop might be inappropriate. Insurance assessors can easily enter claim details and add location data and even photography. Utilising the whole chain of a Tablet’s features.  And executives can write reports, build models, communicate, delegate and sign off documents with ease. There is no end to the advantages Tablets are playing in businesses. Let’s look at some examples…


Many companies are now using Tablets creatively and for replacing their desktop systems. In fact some have gone to completely using Tablets only for all their store sales. With the plethora of Tablet chained card reader Applications such as Sqaure and Paypal chip card reader’s even money can be taken from a Tablet device enabling businesses to be fast and efficient and offer a great service to their customers.


Starbucks partnered with Square to allow customers to pay for their coffee with their smartphones. This has been done by utilizing an app by Square, which has already created a product to allow small business owners to accept credit card payments with their smartphones. With the Starbucks app, you'll simply hand over your smartphone to the counter clerk who scans a bar code for your purchase. The payment is charged to a credit card linked to your Square account. Coffee on the go Fantastic!




Specsavers has introduced a cutting edge new way of selecting and fitting customers’ glasses, using imaging software on tablet devices. Once a customer has selected their glasses imaging software on a tablet is then used to take an image of them wearing the glasses, which in turn captures a range of essential dispensing measurements. These are unique to the customer and their chosen glasses. The tablet can also be used to show you what you look like wearing a range of different glasses to help you make your choice. The intelligent software also helps you choose by any lens options you might want, by demonstrating what they do in real time. This Digital Precision Eyecare is now becoming increasingly available in all Specsavers stores in the UK and Ireland.




Royal Caribbean are using Tablets to make cruising a pleasure. With so many excursions to potentially book, so many activities on the ship to check out, and so many things you may be interested in but not even know about, the process can leave you worn out before you have even have a chance to have real fun. With Royal Caribbean’s new app, and a tablet it issues to its passengers, you now have the option of going through the activities on the ship, scheduling excursions on shore, and even receiving special offers tailored to your interests. 




In a similar pair Hotels are starting to bring in Tablets – for example guests can log into the hotel services on tablets provided and book reservations, download and print boarding passes, and add notes for hotel employees. Concierge Interactive software that does just this has clients like Four Seasons and Hyatt Regency, which use the service as virtual guides to their hotels.




Boothify is a custom photo booth that is downloadable for tablets for company parties and other events. Set up a light, prop up the tablet, put down a backdrop, and you've got a lightweight photo booth. Boothify, made by Prolific Interactive and it’s also a social media experience - it has a live feed of the booth's photos and it aggregates guests' photos on Instagram as well using a specific event hashtag.





Bluebox Avionics recently launched its Bluebox Ai in-flight entertainment system on Apple's iPad. Using the new system, iPads can replace traditional seatback screens as a delivery device for audio and video content as well as games and e-books. On airlines with in-flight Wi-Fi, downloads are possible as well. Australian airline Jetstar is reportedly now working with Bluebox to implement an iPad-based in-flight entertainment system on its aircraft.




With trivia, poker tournaments, karaoke, and apps for kids, bar games keep customers sticking around longer, therefore drinking and eating more and spending more money. Buzztime uses Samsung Galaxy tablets and a mobile app to offer bars and restaurants arcade games, card games, and trivia tournaments. Customers use the tablets at their table for individual or group games and receive branded rewards and targeted advertising.




Sephora, the beauty retailer, is exemplary in the use of tablets as point-of-sale systems. Employees are equipped with tablets that have a Sephora app complete with makeup tutorials, a virtual mirror, and experts performing how-to videos, social media, catalogues, and loyalty programs. They carry it around the store, assist customers, and make the sale transactions wherever they are on the floor.




Another great example of an App tied to Tablets helping businesses is Incentient which specializes in guest services for the hospitality industry. They use an iPad interface to customize food and drink menus for clients all around the world. Wine lists are one of their specialities (see below).




And finally the intersection between mobile, social, and in-market experiences is inspiring a lot of exciting innovation. One of my favorite examples of this is EpixMix, a mobile application for skiers that allows you to capture your run through GPS technology and on-mountain pictures, and then share these with your friends. It's really a natural fit — something that derives intrinsic value for the end user by providing a service that can only be captured through mobile capabilities. Filming and sharing your 360° just became a great deal easier and funner!




And these are just some of the ways Tablet’s are exploding into the business world making businesses more fun and exciting. And even causing businesses to start up from the use of Tablets alone like Bootify. Great Stuff!

Tablets thrive in all kinds of environments. They're great in education, in public sector organisations and in healthcare. They can be used to explore architects' and surveyors' plans on sites, or to create, adjust and deliver presentations on the road. They are being effective point-of-sale devices and promotional displays. They can even become laptops for large data entry jobs via affordable docking stations that deliver the best of both worlds: portability when you need it and a full-sized keyboard and additional ports when you don't.

The appeal is obvious: by combining flexibility, convenience, ease of use and security in perfectly portable packages, tablets are becoming the go-anywhere, do-anything devices and giving businesses the power to do more!!