What is You-app?

You-app (with Jamie Oliver) is a wellness-focused social network! Built around the premise that making small changes to your everyday fantastic life will bring about a much larger positive impact! It encourages you to complete one small task every day, called a micro-action and share the results with the wider YOU community through a picture! As a picture paints a thousand words! :)


What’s good?

Many people say they are going to improve their lifestyles but never really take action or find some excuse or find the process too overwhelming to actually make lasting progress. By getting you to carry out a simple micro-action on a daily basis, YOU-app gently chips away at your so-called laziness and slowly gets you to adopt better habits. Better habits mean you become a better person and a habit is natural it will eventually become just like riding a bike (if you can ride!). The micro-actions relate to four separate categories: food (where Jamie Oliver does his bit), movement, mindfulness and the things we love. All categories that can help us become better selves and let our inner hero shine through!


It works too! I have been trying it! And I have improved my posture, my bedrooms got a little tidier, and I’ve consciously taken a touch more time out of my day for reflection – which great for formulating new ideas and getting things in order. Plus, you don’t ever feel like you’re being nagged, and the pictures you share are always received with high praise and in a positive manner – likes and comments! Rather than competition, it uses encouragement which I feel is the best way to motivate someone- to push you on! You’ll find yourself checking the app every day for something new to do and if you miss an action out, you can always scroll back to find out what it was and then complete it. What’s more, the app itself is quite slick, attractive and easy to navigate!


What’s bad?

Some might find the app’s approach a bit too touchy-feely and pretentious – you know get on with it! And its upbeat tone may annoy some people – buy hey its good to feel upbeat! In addition, a lot of actions are signed of with ‘love’ and kisses which isn’t to everyone’s taste but you may like this! However, none of these lesson the core focus of the app or its nice message.



Quite simply, it makes you feel good, which is great – everyday you get better and better and your feelings of happiness increase the more you progress and success plus you learn new things. And this feel good app is great as there isn’t a lot of technology out there that claim to do this! So, give it a go and write a review on iTablets Facebook page and tell us what you think and if its helping you? Even better share some of your success pictures!  


As always happy Tableting! :)