Amazon has gone all out to make this e-reader the best ever and this one might just live up to it. However this top experience does come at a steep price - £270 so for many this may not be the best buy. iTablets reviews the Oasis in the following article - find out if it’s worth upgrading too. 

There are certainly some great and exciting things about the Kindle Oasis however its high price puts it in a league of its own. For the Wi-Fi only version you are looking at a £270 mark which is fine unless you can’t handle not being able to download a book without the need of finding a data source but if you can’t there is a more expensive 3G version costing a more serious £329.

As normal the data costs are included for the life of the Kindle but even the cheaper price is more expensive than many tablets which can also be used to read a book albeit a different experience. That said there’s no doubt that price is the biggest barrier for the Kindle Oasis. It’s not great value for money so this Kindle is for those that really want the best eReader possible out there. But do bear in mind that Amazon has other options such as the Voyage - £175 and the PaperWhite - £120 which are all available on iTablets and well suited for those on a budget.   



  • 6in E-Ink touchscreen,300ppi
  • 4GB storage
  • 802.11n Wi-Fi (optional 3G)
  • microUSB for charging
  • 143x122x3.4-8.5mm
  • Weight without cover/with cover
  • Wi-Fi: 131/238g
  • Wi-Fi+3G: 133/240g


Design and Build

So let’s look at its plus points. Far from being just another Kindle the Oasis is a radically new take on the eReader. It’s easily recognisable as a Kindle but not so much when it’s held in your hand.

Amazon has made this Kindle the thinnest and lightest to date, it’s just 3.4 mm at one point ant then barely balloons at the other end at 8.5mm. But you will be able to hold it for longer without strain due to it being a featherweight of 131g. It’s 20 percent lighter and 30 percent thinner on average than any other Kindle.  

The reason why there are two dimensions is that Amazon has gone for a wedge shape. We have seen devices like this before like the Sony Tablet S and it works very well. Putting the large part of the weight in your hand makes for a less strenuous read time. And you can use it in either hand with the screen orientation matching automatically.

The result of this new design makes the Kindle one of the most comfortable and easy to use eReader yet. And its touchscreen too allowing you to choose between touch and two physical buttons to turn pages. 


As well as this interesting tapered design, the Kindle Oasis comes with its own cover included in the price. The colour options include Black, Merlot or Walnut and it is made from real leather. And it looks great – really nice craftsmanship with the only thing being is that it does easily mark but that’s the nature of leather so don’t be too surprised when it looks a little worn out after a couple of weeks.  

The cover doesn’t just look nice it actually attaches and detaches with 12 magnets like the Apple iPad’s cover (this may explain the price). This means that although it adds weight it’s ever so easy to remove whilst reading. And with the tapered shape the cover fills the gap to make a relatively even shape. Plus it does the usual of waking and sleeping the Kindle when you open and close it.  

If this wasn’t enough the cover actually has a battery inside the back section so when attached the cover will charge the Oasis to keep it topped up and there’s even a new hibernation mode to minimise power consumption. Plus you can check the levels of each battery via the cog wheel in the menu.  

A side note to note is that we found that the cover did not always charge the Kindle so make sure the metal contacts are properly connected if you don’t want to run out. This hardly happened while testing but it’s still something worth noting. 




For the Oasis, Amazon has stuck with what works and tested so you get a 6in touch screen with a 300ppi pixel density coming with a 1080x1440 resolution. It uses the Carta e-paper technology but doesn’t come with the adaptive front lighting found in the Voyage Kindle.

Instead, Amazon says the redesigned light features 60% more LEDs than any other Kindle, which increases the consistency and range of the screen brightness improving reading in all types of light.

And when we used it – it was totally an awesome experience in essentially any lighting condition and whilst it’s a shame it does not come with automatic adjustment like the Voyage the screen itself is better quality. The contrast is superior and the lighting is extremely uniform so there’s not obvious part of the screen that is brighter than any other part.    





For the price tag of the Oasis we expected lightening fart performance and although the page turn is fast the device was rather laggy at times. It was certainly fast to browse the pages of your library which only relies on the refresh rate of the screen. However navigating back to the home screen, loading the store and switching between sections did take a while with the occasional couple seconds lag.  

Overall it’s not especially bad but do bear in mind it’s something you will get when spending the better part of £300.


Battery Life

Amazon proclaims eight weeks of battery life with the Oasis from a single charge. They base this figure on half an hour of reading per day with the wireless turned off and lighting set to 10. And being tested at close to this usage scenario iTablets found the Kindle is fully charged with the cover at 50 percent.




Storage and Audio

The Oasis like previous Kindles comes with 4GB of internal storage. This may not sound a lot compared to Tablets and Smartphones but it’s enough to hold thousands of books so it will take you a fair time to fill up. A disappointment however is that the Oasis does not have a 3.5mm headphone audio jack so fans of audiobooks will have to opt for a different model all together. 



There’s no doubt to us that the Kindle Oasis is technically the best eReader you can get. Amazon has done a great job with the new design which is impressively small, light and highly ergonomic. The cover is a nice touch too and adds additional battery life to boot which makes it a great plus one. All that said, the price is the major hitting point for this e-reader and anyone shocked by the even cheaper Wi-Fi only model will be better off with the Voyage or the Paperwhite which are comparatively in good budget. That being said if price isn’t a problem this eReader was a delight to use and reading with its bright screen was a pleasure making it one of the best eReaders for those eager readers wanting to read as many books as they can store – iTablets stocks the black leather cover version of this eReader at a price of £270 so if you want it you know where to find it! - http://itablets.co.uk/amazon-kindle-oasis-with-leather-charging-case.html  Happy Reading!