Hello everyone and welcome to iTablets fourth blog in it’s what tablets do differently series this week we are talking about movies. That’s right with the power of a Tablet you can (as if you are not doing so already) watch your favourite movies and TV shows on the go anywhere. Be it on the train, bus or car with the great range of Apps available from Netflix to Flixster your entertainment needs are met anywhere. Tablets have allowed us to watch and catch up on our favourite shows in places and times that suit us or when we can utilise time that otherwise might be wasted saving us time to do more every day.

But what is available to us – in this post iTablets looks at not just the most common Apps but the ones that are great and you just don’t know about. So there’s the obvious Netflix which with a monthly subscription gives you access to thousands of films via your phone, tablet, console or Smart TV, with the ability to start watching on one device, then pick up where you left off on another. Great stuff plus a tempting free trial offers full access for one month. But we have all heard of Netflix what else is out there…




Well there’s Crackle which has a reputation for being one of the best free movie apps around. It is used by over 25 million people, and they update their content monthly. They boast an extensive collection of movies, TV shows and anime, as well as their own original content. Crackle’s original content is probably the biggest reason people continue to use the app. Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” is the biggest original title they have, along with others. Crackle works in North and South America as well as Australia, so if you live in one of those places, this is a great app to check out.   




The next one is ShowBox which you may have heard off it is widely regarded as one of the best free movie and TV show streaming apps on Android devices. Because you won’t find Showbox in the Google Play store, you’ll have to visit their website to get a tutorial on how to download it. After getting the app though, you’ll have access to tons of movies and shows – for streaming or download. If you choose to download a title, you’ll be able to watch it at any time, even if you’re offline. This is definitely an app worth checking out.


Hubi is next which is another App that specializes in both streaming and downloading videos. Available on the Google Play store, Hubi supports 39 different services for streaming and downloading, so you’ll have multiple options when trying to find the highest quality videos. It also lets you use your own media player for playing back downloaded videos a cool plus, allowing you to optimize the way you want to stream your movies. Boasting a 4.1 star average rating, Hubi is one of the best free movie streaming apps available on the Play store.




For those interested in foreign films, indie flicks and documentaries BigStar Movies will be the one for you. BigStar Movies is initially a free movie streaming app, but there is the option to pay for a plan that removes ads and makes unlimited viewing available. So yes, you won’t be able to view as much as you want, but there are still hundreds of movies available for free.


If you’re a Bollywood Fan then BigFlix is the one for you. So if your tastes lean closer to Bollywood than Hollywood, you could do a lot worse than check out this free repository of Hindi, Tamil and Bengali blockbusters, offering unlimited monthly streaming for a flat fee. Get with the Dancing!




And even Google has their own offering with Google Play Movies & TV and this is a pretty slick offering with access to thousands of titles to rent or buy, all available for instant streaming or downloading to watch offline.


Flixster’s next claiming to be a complete package for moviegoers, Flixster lets you stream and download films, build a cloud-based library of purchased titles, check out reviews on its Rotten Tomatoes site, and find cinema listings for those times when a pocket-sized picture just isn't enough. It is however Advertise heavy, but free and Facebook friendly.




And Finally Flipps TV which is complete combo package. Watch episodes, viral videos, music. Choose from hit movies, music videos, comedy, news, sports highlights and much more. Definitely worth checking out.


With all these App offerings there’s plenty to choose from to suit your movie needs – so get trying them out and find the one that is the best for you offering you the greatest entertainment wherever and whenever!