Join iTablets in its series of blogs talking about how Tablets can do great things and the real advantages of using them. Who needs paper!


Firstly Tablets have great screens making viewing and using them a pleasure especially when surfing the web and their portability and light weight is a real advantage for practical use. 

Tablets are interactive unlike paper they respond to your actions and get you involved with the work you are doing via side by side videos and animations through to the millions of Apps on all the App Stores that get you engaged in games, education and business.

Note taking has reached a whole new level now thanks to tablets done are the days where pen and paper was the only option. Tablets have made note taking more fun, interactive and entertaining. And due to their portability they have become ideal when in a conference or a lecture. And this is the focus of this post – note taking.

Many Tablets now come with a stylus or are an optional extra purchase. Either way using a stylus is fun and engaging.  They have become great tools for artists and graphic designers who love their simplicity and ease of use. Plus a Stylus pen is always clean and leaves no oily stains or smudges on the screens. A new form of art has arrived and this is of the digital style where artists and graphic designers are becoming highly skilled in drawing pixel perfect images with great results. These drawings are able to printed saved exported thousands of times plus they are so easily editable which is a great pro.

Apple sets the trend with its Apple Pencil which is pressure sensitive so behaves just in the way a normal pencil would. The more pressure you apply the more brush you get and vice versa. And there are loads of Apps out there that take advantage of the Apple Pencil and the other stylus’s available on other tablets. A good example is ProCreate (see below) which is the king of Natural Media Apps on the iPad. In part this is down to the Pencil's fine tip, in part the low latency and double-speed sampling rate, and in part because the palm rejection is nearly flawless, but all of that technical stuff just fades away into the background when you're faced with the joy of sketching with a 6B pencil, or turning it flat to block in big areas of shade, or just playing about with paints.




When playing games too you will have many advantages if you play them with the use of a Stylus. You have better control and natural feel just like a normal pen. As mentioned with design apps and drawing apps, the use of a stylus pen will be just as natural as if you are holding a real brush.  And with games such as Candy-Crush, Hay Day of Diamond Digger the use of a stylus pen is very noticeable. Because you are not clogged with your finger on the screen, but operate with ease with the stylus pen, you have much better overview and you will certainly enjoy better gaming.   

Tablets have become effective learning and teaching enhancement tools and with applications like OneNote note taking has reached a whole new level. A new wave is starting whereby notes are now digital making them easier to store, manage and update. Overall it just a whole lot more fun, practical and cooler to use a tablet when working. Just check out the below video of how great the Apple Pencil Is.




iTablets is releasing a series of blogs on how tablets are changing our lives and for the better so keep in tuned for the next post in this series!

Happy Tableting!