Join iTablets in its second blog in its What Tablets can do differently series If you missed the first check it out here where we talked about note taking and how Tablets have revolutionised the way we take, update, send and present notes via the use of Stylus’s and great tools like the Apple Pencil.

This week we will be talking about mobility and presentations. The Tablet is a truly mobile device with its small form factor and interactive screen they are a ease to carry and fun to use. They have allowed us to be able to work and socialise on the go and get things done virtually anywhere especially when there is a Wi-Fi nearby which by today’s standards is increasingly growing. There plus point in mobility makes it less of a hassle to view work-related information such as documents and emails wherever you are. Laptops are a tight squeeze for employees trying to complete work on a flight, for example. Smartphone screens are too small to be very productive on, and they also make it harder to appreciate streaming video, such as webcasts. Tablets provide a happy medium, and the form factor is proving a perfect fit for mobile workers.

Our Next post will be looking into how Tablets are revolutionising the Business World with more and more businesses taking up Tablets so stay tuned. In fact the No. 1 reason organizations plan to buy tablets is to increase mobility in the field, many businesses have listed this as the primary driver of enterprise tablet adoption. Tablets provide an efficient, portable way to get work done, especially for workers who perform tasks remotely, in the field or as contractors. All in all they are becoming our computers for on the go and are allowing people to get more and more things done daily!

Giving presentations is another way Tablets are shiningMicrosoft PowerPoint is now available on all Windows, iOS and Google Android devices. Using standard templates in PowerPoint, tablets are handy for creating simple presentations while on the road or making last-minute changes to a presentation. In addition some Tablets like the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Video Tablet come with a bulit in projector that allow you to display the screen anywhere theres a wall or white board!





   Apple Air Play 


A tablet's compact design makes them easier to bring to a meeting room or even on stage. Most are compatible with projectors, either using an adapter, Apple TV or Chrome TV. For example, an iPad can display presentations via Apple TV using the AirPlay Mirroring feature. Users with an iPhone can enable their smartphone as a remote control through the Keynote application, allowing presenters to swap between iOS devices if they walk around while presenting. Very cool!

This list will change as enterprise apps open up new capabilities. Tablets that support split-screen functionality allow for easier multitasking, and the maturation of other input methods such as voice commands and gestures will reduce the need for a keyboard. There is thus plenty that tablets can and will accomplish in the workplace. Share a Comment on this post to let us know how Tablets are helping you in your day to day lives... And join us next week on this series as we talk about the great impact Tablets are having on businesses!

Happy Tableting!