This week’s App of the week is for the iPad – The Gif Keyboard which is free from the Apple App Store. When chatting or emailing there are times when expressing how we feel doesn’t work with plain old text or a variety of smiley faces especially when different phones use different designs. These are the times where we need reaction GIFs and the App the Gif Keyboard places an entire database of useful and funny reactions at your disposal.

This app is a keyboard so opening the app itself only gives you a sample of what its capable off not that it’s set up is complex either way. The keyboard its self is accessed through the standard iOS keyboard by holding the usual globe in the bottom right hand corner and this is where the magic happens.

You will no longer need to search through the depths of Google Images, imgur, tumblr or Reddit to find the right GIF for your reaction. Any reaction gif worth sending is here in an easy to search hashtag-organised format. You know how you are feeling so all you need to do is search for the suitable tag – its really that simple.

GIF Keyboard also has contains a 'favourite' folder, so you can keep track of all the best reactions you find and use regularly. It also keeps track of the GIFs you used recently, for when you need them again quickly, and it even notifies you when there are more GIFs available. Plus if you find anything that isn't included you can add it to the app as well.

Download now from the Apple App store: